Our life in books

This is our eigth year of homeschooling and I finally got around to blogging about our adventures a few years ago.
I love the path that God has us on.
We get to enjoy the lightbulb moments in educating our children and have quite a few of them ourselves.

We are starting Exploration to 1850's this school year, 2012-2013 using My Father's World curriculum.
Rome to the Reformation,
Exploration to the 1850's and NOW.........

Below is the week by week of lessons for this year if you'd like to start at the beginning.
There is also a handy LABELS area that you can peek through to find a specific lesson.

Week by Week - MFW: Creation to the Greeks

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mixed media at the Library

How much do I love our library?  So much! Not only do the librarians know my kids by name but they invite the homeschoolers for special art and activities. 

This is a mixed media artist who came by to help the students create some displays for the library's art month in March. They used everything under the sun starting with old books that were recycled, painted, torn, and glued upon. The kids thought it was awesome that nothing was off limits. Rip that book, douse it in feathers, add some paint splatters - yep!

Harper was going for it

 Mackenzie was getting the hang of things.